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Roofing: Seam Rollers

Everhards's seam rollers for the roofing industry are durable, professional-use tools featuring enclosed ball bearings. These rollers last. Wheels are riveted to single- or double-forks allowing smooth, even running action. High quality steel, urethane, natural rubber, silicone, or nylon wheels provide maximum efficiency and are suitable for heavy-duty use. Roller wheels come in many diameters and widths, and with different surfaces: smooth, bevel, corrugated, concave, and porcupine. Five-inch wooden handles are standard, but 10" and 60" handles are available on some rollers. Everhard can also equip its rollers with optional ergonomic features: offset forks and/or cushion-grips, making our rollers more comfortable to use. See our ergonomic options by clicking the icon below:

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